Friday, March 14

ooh how i want...

I love how dresses are the "in" thing, because I have always loved pretty dresses more than skirts/shirt combo... but, (saddly, or not) the first spring where I have actually found dresses to please my abnormally picky self, I am too misshapen to buy any of them (hehe... i can't call myself "fat" because Jake gets mad... but I am misshapen as I have half a basket ball protruding from my mid-section)

but "if only" I weren't pregnant at this very time in history, I would probably be quiet broke as there have been many a fine dress I have had to give up and say to myself "wait until after june..." and there have been many dresses that I would have bought, anyways, if I could've guessed my after-preggo-size?!?

So, for all the lucky ladies of this season, who are not misshapen (aka. pregnant) and have a longing desire to full-fill my shopping dream here is a dress that I definately would not have the heart to pass up...

I know, the dress only comes in black, which, isn't my first choice (i agree every girl should have a "little-black-dress") but I would love to see this same dress in different, more springish, colors. But, along my journey in drooling over the pretty dresses this season, I have also found it difficult to find a "modest" dress, so black will have to do.

But this sweet shoppe the "shabby apple" has quiet the little collection! I am so excited to see their new summer line coming out this May! (...this shop is where I picked out this darling little

so, there we have it... know everyone can know how unforgivably obsessed with dresses I am, and hope that I am not broke come fall.

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