Monday, March 31

...was it a dream?... how did the snow get here?!?

So I thought spring was here. It had been nice for a few days in a row and so Jake and I decided to have some outdoors fun this past weekend. I am so glad we did, because when we got up on Sunday morning we had three inches of snow on our car and it continued to snow all day and all night!

Well, this post is not about the snow... its about the wonderful weather that we enjoyed for the few days that it lasted.

We had a fun time mini-golfing on friday (I did end up getting sick from all the bending to pick up my ball.. lol... who would've guessed?) and on saturday we enjoyed a nice early dinner up by the 'crazy hospital' park (I shouldn't call it the 'crazy hospital', because it has since been changed... but it use to be a mental hospital... so the nickname has stuck with people in provo). But this is one of our favorite spots to go whenever we want to go on a little hike, take pictures, or have a picnic (my favorite).

If you haven't ever been up that way, you should go and check it out. It is an amphitheater, built a long time ago, all out of stone... which gives it a rustic look, which is so fun. It is a great place, and has some fun trails up the side of the mountain.

Anyways, that is all for now!


Amber said...

Fun! I am glad you enjoyed the day since it didn't last long. Cute pictures!

Laura Rollins said...

That's awesome that you were able to squeeze in a picnic! I love that place... (maybe I'm just We should get together and do a picnic sometime soon!