Thursday, April 10

so... about nesting...

There have been very few times during my pregnancy that I felt like I could relate with other pregnant women about. I have had a rather uneventful pregnancy (other than the time when they couldn't find poor ashlyn's heart beat and so they rushed me into an emergency ultrasound.. and I was so relieved just to see her and her cute little heart, that I forgot to ask for any pictures). For me, pregnancy has just been about getting fat...

Heartburn... not bad at all.

Aching Hips... what?

Swollen Feet... my feet wished I would stand just so they could get a little time to grumble.

Cravings... I've actually consistently been loosing my appetite to the point where I make myself eat.

Mood Swings... Jake 'thinks' I'm bad. But in all honesty, I feel I am the least "moody-while-pregnant" than almost every "non-pregnant" women that I work, play, or deal with in my life. Jake just doesn't know how good he's got it... he never had sisters!

Morning Sickness... this one, I am actually very thankful I never had to deal with.

So... I find it hard to talk to other pregnant women, who really have had it a lot worse than I. They must believe that I am just faking "not-having-symptoms". Well, finally, I have hit a stage where I am finally having a pregnancy symptom... Nesting...

I am in the mood to clean, decorate, re clean and redecorate. It has been very nice, the past few weeks, almost too good, to the point where I am neglecting other priorities in my life. But, what can I do? Its the pregnancy, right! I can finally blame something on this pregnancy!

So this past weekend, during the semi-annual "girls night out" (aka. Priesthood Session of General Conference) My sis Laura, my Mom, and I all ran over to Tai Pan Trading to pick out flowers for me to make an arrangement for my bedroom! It was so much fun just walking, talking and looking at all the fun stuff in the extremely packed store.

Well I did make it home with a cute stone vase and tons of flowers (which look gorgeous with my Holland-style bedspread, sail boats and lake pictures). But, I have to forewarn... this is my very first attempt at making any sort of flower arrangement in my life. I know, I know, I am very uncrafty in that sense. My Grandmother was an amazing florist, but she passed away while I was too young to learn any of her great skills.

But, how would I ever learn how to do anything new if I never tried it out, or even waited for someone else to show me how. So, I plunged right into the unknown of flower arranging without a second thought. And, although it is not a master piece, I feel that it is decent for my first time trying.

So now the bedroom is almost completed. I do have the goal to have my house completely done decorated by the time Ashlyn is born. It doesn't seem like it should be that hard of a goal, but, this is one of my very many downfalls... I think I enjoy redecorating and rearranging a little too much... oh dear.


Amber said...

I think the arrangement is beautiful!! And lucky for you, you have Rosemarie as your mother-in-law. She is amazing when it comes to arranging flowers!

littleann said...

I understand where you are coming from. I was not sick when I was pregant. I had it pretty easy. I did have heart burn a lot. And I was really swollen. Hannah also kicked me in the ribs. But I feel like I did great. I never complained. I loved every min. of being pregnant. I miss it. It is so awesome to feel that little one inside. I can't wait to see her. You will be a great mom. You and Jake are sooo wonderful. You will both be GREAT parents. Let get together. Please call 927-8710. I love your flowers. We should go shopping and you can show me how to decorate.

Laura Rollins said...

The flowers look like they turned out so well!!! I'd love to see them sometime! (maybe when I'm down for Ami's shower.... )

As for the pregnancy thing... I guess we've had very different times of it - but I really am THRILLED that it's been so easy for you! Hopefully, this means you can pop a few more out while Jake is in school and still run your buisness from home, no problem! Lol :)

Btw, I love the new look to your blog... I wanna change mine, just because it's been the same for too long. Any suggestions?

Life for the Pillings said...

Your flower arrangement is beautiful! I can understand your need to get everything clean and decorated before the baby comes. I had to laugh at your comment about you not being moody. I agree there are a lot more MOODY people out there that aren't pregnant. Jake will start to learn and appreciate how good he has it with time. Chris has realized more than once and thanked me that I'm not one of those "Crazy - Hormonal" women. Granted I can have a moment, but for the most part he has it pretty good.

Anonymous said...

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