Monday, July 14

ATTN: Merkley/Schmutz Family

This post is for Jake's family...

We are planning on going out to the farm with my family (the gillis family) for a little family reunion/get-away from August 19th-23rd. I really hope that no one else has plans to go out to duschene that week! I am sorry I am posting this so late (we've had these planned for the past couple of months) Let me know if there are going to be any scheduling issues so we can work them out asap!

and, also, would the family be interested in having a website dedicated to the farm? I never know how to get a hold of everyone to make sure that the farm is free other than calling around and asking. If I made a website with a calendar (so people can schedule when they will be out at the farm) would anyone even look at it? or email me when they are going to the farm so I can put it on the schedule? I don't mind making the site, but it does cost a little bit to host (i am thinking around $10 a month). So, put in your two cents and let me know what you think.




Rachel Chick said...

I think a website is a great idea! -- I know it doesn't much matter to ME - as I don't go out all that often - but I still think that it could be super convenient for everyone. Go for it!

Megan said...

I think it's a great idea, too! It can be a total pain to call everyone and see if the house is available. I also say, GO for it! How are you adjusting to mommyhood?