Saturday, August 9

What a Wonderful Day for a Wonderful Event!

We have had a wonderful week! :D My brother Rob married the wonderful Juli! We are so excited to have her in our family (and to have another sister!!!) It all happened this past Thursday... and what a full, wonderfully perfect day it was!

I am actually really sad that I didn't get as many pictures as I would've liked. I walked away from the entire day with only about 100 photos... a record low for me. But, it does have to do with our new little baby doll, who, oddly enough, thinks that she has to be entertained the entire day... lol. She is wonderful, but quite a handful sometimes. So I will have to steal Laura's & my parent's pictures (and, even though my sister Laura just had a baby, he seems to think its fun to have his mom take pictures, because he was a lot more accommodating for my sister)

But, all of that temple-picture-taking-fun had taken its toll on the sweet little partiers, who decided to sleep almost through the entire luncheon! :D yeah! They slept long enough for us to get through all the important program and eating part of the luncheon... which was perfect.

Ashlyn loves her Grandpa Gillis... who, in turn, loves her too! It makes a great combo that makes everybody happy (Grandpa Gillis likes to hold Ashlyn + Ashlyn likes being held by Grandpa Gillis = A very happy and free momma!!!)

And my little brother says I have the weirdest obsession with taking pictures of delicious looking food... and I'll admit that I do... but I thought it was a great idea to have an icecream sandwich bar at the reception! especially in august! It was so much fun, and so yummy!
And, the same little brother, was very worried that the icecream sandwich was too big for him to finish... so much so, that he wouldn't go and get an icecream sandwich. So I dragged him over, showed him all the delicious toppings, cookies and icecream, and finally convinced him to at least try it out... well, magically, he was able to finish the entire sandwich all by himself! miracles do happen :D

we are so happy for you... Rob & Juli! and hope that your special day was amazing and everything that you could've dreamed of! And have fun on your honeymoon cruising down to mexico!!!! :D (hopefully you won't have a hurricane follow you over... but if one does, give us a call and we can tell you everything you'd need to know!)

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littleann said...

Your little girl is so cute. I can't wait till one day I can finally meet her.