Friday, September 5

FHE the little family way...

A couple of weeks ago, my sweet cousin Ami, her husband Mike and cute boy Braden invited us over for FHE. It was so nice of them to open their new home and indulge our hungry tummies and curious minds.

the lesson (which mike is telling in the pic above) was on how we, as small families and singles, can still have FHE in our homes. It was very insightful and wonderful to hear about how all my different cousins, sister and grandma all do FHE. I am very sad to admit that Jake and I haven't been the best at FHE, mainly because we were just a couple and it didn't seem like a family home evening... but, no excuse! we will do better from now on :D

it was so much fun to get together with everyone! Even my sister Laura drove down from SLC to visit. I have so much family in provo, but it seems like we are all so busy that it is really hard to get together to visit... so Thanks Ami for getting us all together at once!

I loved it how all the babies are looking at the camera in their pics... and doesn't Ashlyn just seem to be saying with her eyes "yes, I know I am beautiful, so go ahead and take another picture..." lol

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