Tuesday, May 19

100 and counting...

Yup, its my 100th post. I think that is part of the reason I have been procrastinating posting. What should I say to celebrate my mile-stone? I never figured out anything witty to say, so I guess I just won't mention it any more than I have to...

Anyways, Other things that have been preventing me from posting have been -

{1} Jake graduated from BYU with his BS degree and was so "excited" when he found out he had to go back to BYU for the spring/summer terms to finish up some pre-reqs for med school. So he has been busily studying once again.

{2} My brother, David, has been called to a mission in Jacksonville, Florida and actually leaves to the MTC tomorrow; so I have been helping plan family parties, family pictures and every other family activity that we could do together before he leaves since it will be a long time before we're all living in the same state again.. if ever again.

{3} I have also been busy with the youth in my ward, acting as our ward choir director for the temple celebration to celebrate the Oqurrih Mountain and Draper Temple dedications. It is going to be at the conference center and it is going to be amazing! But luckly it will be all over by the end of next week, which will be nice because it is keeping us leaders super busy!

{4} and last, but not least, I have been busy playing with Ashlyn, taking her outside and what-nots!

Its been a fun summer so far, and we are excited for more fun fun fun!

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