Sunday, July 19

sunshine and summer...

...leads to lots of fun for stay-at-home-mothers-&-daughters.

sorry for the picture overload. I had lots of pictures, but just a few words to accompany.
But, as you can see, we had too much fun mini golfing this past week. We went in the early afternoon, so we had the place almost to ourselves. Which was a very good thing, since the whole ordeal ended up being almost two hours long... so much fun!

the kiddos had the right idea, but their execution was just a little off. Though, they did have fun running and grabbing our balls and "helping" us get them in and out of the holes - all 18 of them.

I am afraid little miss schmutz is perilously attracted to dirt and rocks; which I blame on her father. But blame, or no blame, I am still the one who has to deal with the dusty baby.

Oh - and did that mini golf course know how to jam the music! Randomly both of the little cousins would stop what they were doing and start jamming to the new song that had just started.

We had so much fun! and we SURVIVED mini golfing with two-little-one-year-old-babies-with-tons-of-energy!!!

p.s. i am going to {hopefully soon} post a tutorial about how to post larger images on your blog. I am not sure I do it the "proper" way, but at least it works :D

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Laura Rollins said...

Those pictures are just so cute!! It was a blast, wasn't it!