Thursday, August 27

please enjoy my picture book...

...of a wonderful hike in washington. I am very sad that I do not have near enough time to go into all the fabulous details of our northwest coast adventure. But I will let you peek at some of the amazing photos that I was able to secure.

Now, I have always intended for my blog to be more of a photo blog than a diary sorts. But it always seems like I have more to say than I had first thought... but... tonight it is late {i can't hardly type straight} and I would like to go to bed soon.

But Thanks to Amber & Wes Dyer and their amazingly-to-cute family for making us feel at home and super excited to move! We are so excited to be able to spend more time with you and are so grateful for all the help you've given us! Thanks bunches!

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Amber said...

Awesome photos! We had a lovely time with you guys! And i am super excited to have you guys move up!!! Give me a call if I can help out in any other way before we get back.