Sunday, October 4

feels like home...

We are finally getting into the groove here in our new home. Its been almost a month, but its just been recently that we've gotten a good schedule down.

we love all the fun things that we have been able to do - hiking, visiting the lake, amazing food, meeting great new friends - but our favorite thing to do is still just huddle down as a family, curl up in a blanket, and watch a good movie or read a book.

isn't a family wonderful?


Alyssa Moon said...

we miss you guys sooo much!!! i'm glad you are getting settled in. jake was gonna call jake to go to priesthood last night... picked up his phone, and then said... "oh.... no.... i forgot. he's in washington." with a sad look on his face. Ashlyn definitely takes after her mom!!! :) What a cute girl. I miss her too. :D

Laura Rollins said...

I'm glad it's starting to feel like home. Have you hung any pictures? Aaron always says it feels more like home after you hang up pictures. I think it does, too. We miss you tons, but are glad you're happy and liking Seattle... hopefully we can come visit someday!