Sunday, November 29

adventure in washington part 2

 This past weekend was wonderful! Finals are coming up fast, but Jake decided to spend some time with us anyways (lucky us!). Our fabulously sunny friday was full of the beach, jake playing basketball while ashlyn slept and I worked, then back to the beach, and, at the end of the day, heading up to Monroe for more pie and game playing.

 Saturday, while still a lot of fun, was a bit more laid back - which is probably due to the fact that it was cloudy once again (frowny face). But we did get out of the house for a duck feeding adventure. About ten minutes from our house is a little shopping village (comparable to Gardner Village in UT). And in the shopping center they have a little pond with at least four dozen ducks - and I am guessing, for the most part, they are canadian.

 So we grabbed our half eaten, 100% whole wheat, homemade bread and headed over to the pond to see if ducks prefer good bread to mediocre bread.

 well it just so happens that 100% whole wheat, homemade bread are canadian duck's FAVORITE! they ate the whole half loaf and were wanting more when we had to leave. Little miss schmutz is starting to love just about every animal she comes in contact with - and ducks are no exception. We will definately be visiting these ducks again.


Alyssa Lloyd Moon said...

i believe you cut your hair!! it's cute! (I hope I'm not just seeing things lol) sounds like you had a great time!! we missed you on thanksgiving. only a few more weeks! thanks for all the cute pictures!

Laura Rollins said...

Sounds like fun! Taylor loves any and all animals, too - it must be the age.

Amber said...

Those pictures are gorgeous!!! BTW, I love your hat! Very cute and sassy. After Christmas we will have to go shopping again. January has the BEST sales!

Jake said...

i agree babe your hat is very sassy and sexy.