Saturday, November 7

what we've learned...

since moving from our lovely home in Utah -
1. rain can consistently fall for days on end and your house will (hopefully) not flood.
2. the price on organic food is really based on supply and demand, and is not an outrageous price when it is in high demand.
3. bath towels can stay wet forever, even when put through the dryer multiple times.
4. humans can live without seeing the sun for weeks at a time.
5. you must have lamps and windows when living in Washington.
6. I believe vampires do live here based on the fact that our daylight has decreased to a few hours a day.
7. netflix is a good investment.
8. thrift stores and garage sales are not only for the needy and poor.
9. driving is difficult for the absent-minded driver when there are two main freeways both going north-south.
10. it is worth all the time-money-effort needed to achieve your dreams. Even though it is a lot of hard work, at least you are able to enjoy yourself during the journey.

(These pics are from earlier this week when little miss schmutz decided to make a new snack-time-area with my kitchen stool. She figured out how to sit in it all by herself and is now regularly sitting there while I make dinner. This is very useful since she is always grumpy and complaining for dinner while I am cooking, so she now usually gets a before-dinner-snack)


Alyssa Moon said...

HAHA!!! That is so adorable!! :) I love the kitchen stool, and Ashlyn's creativity. You got a keeper there!! :) What a nut. Haha. Loved the post! I hope you guys are doing well!

gilliskd said...

it's all about the journy... and the creative fun you can have along the way... who taught her to eat olives on the end of her fingers....

Perry's said...

HAnnah loves olives on her fingers. Her grandma taught her that. With what you wrote on my facebook, It was not easy to potty train. Hannah is very stubborn. But I wouldn't start till they show signs of it. At least age 2. Like 2 and 3 or 4 months. Once you start don't go back. Potty treats are a great idea. I love the snack stool. She is so cute. Are you guys coming home for Christmas. If so I want to see you guys

Laura Rollins said...

how cute! I love this post - no matter how old you are, no one should ever stop learning. :) Good luck on following your dreams!! It will be worth it! And I'm glad you're enjoying the journey :)

Amber said...

OH, I am sorry. It does take time to adjust to our lovely weather doesn't it =).