Thursday, December 10

my girl and her doll...

what a wonderful thing it is when your child realizes that they enjoy taking care of others. little miss schmutz hadn't shown much interest in dolls or babys, until just recently. But now, she loves going up to the Dyer's home so she can 'help' take care of baby adelie. She also has found new love in her baby doll from last christmas. my little miss gently carries her doll around, smothering her with hair bows, new socks, and, of course, hugs and kisses.

And, the funniest part was last night, right before bed time we tried putting the doll to bed. Poor ashlyn could not stand the sight of her doll being put to bed all by herself! Ashlyn's little lip started to quiver and my little girl almost cried; so, being the good parents that we are, agreed that the baby doll could snuggle up with little miss for the night.

but, I hope this new baby doll appreciation isn't short lived, because I know santa really really wants to bring ashlyn some more baby doll accessories this year! I guess we'll just have to wait and see!


Perry's said...

it will only get better with the baby dolls. She will have to have everyone that she sees in the stores. That is so awesome you live so close to Amber. How close do you guys live?
She is so cute.

Laura Rollins said...

How sweet! That's so cute! Well, hopefully she'll have another little cousin to smother with ribbons, bows, hugs, and kisses while she's here in Utah - we can't wait to see you all!!!