Sunday, January 17

she's learning well

So I guess my daughter has secretly learned what you are "really" suppose to do when a camera is out and about. She was having a fun afternoon, playing with her baby doll, pulling all my hats down and picking out her favorite (she really loves this hat). So, being the photo trigger happy mother that I am, when I saw her playing so sweetly I pulled out my camera to document.

As soon as I had flipped the on switch and little miss schmutz had caught a wiff of the camera scent, she froze - in the pose above - and sat there for a full on minute waiting for her dramatic vision to be captured.

isn't she funny? I cannot believe the things she is coming up with...

1 comment:

Laura Rollins said...

LOL! That's too funny! Aren't kiddos the funnest things ever :)