Wednesday, January 27

well... what would you do?

...if you had such beautiful cool mornings? I dare say, I do suppose you would head out for a nice morning stroll.

and what is better than a nice morning stroll that turns into a stroll to the local grocery store for a breakfast donut {with an outfit-coordinated purse - she picked it out herself}

and... I do dare say, we are enjoying the warm winter here in washington! I cannot begin to fathom that it is still just january.. it is fabulous!

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Laura Rollins said...

Those pictures are GORGEOUS! I love those beautiful fall colors she's wearing... and good job, Ashlyn, picking out a matching purse!! I hope you enjoyed your donut :) You're lucky that it's anywhere near warm at all... it's not here. I can't wait for Spring and for it to start warming up even just a little!