Wednesday, February 10

valentines made simple...

 .. at least for your child's classmates or such. This idea wouldn't go over well with my husband.. he's not the cutesy type. But, seriously, these are really really easy and, well at least I think, they are cute.

what you need is... tissue paper, white mini cupcake liners, a brad, white wrapping or regular paper, a box of "sweethearts" candy, and your very favorite pink or valentine themed scrapbook paper.

 cut the tissue into circles (I cut the diameters 3" and 2.5"). Crumple the tissue and the mini cupcake liners up to give them a good deep texture.. you could also ink them after this step too - that would look so cute.

 Next, stack the flower up and arrange the elements so they just look perfect (so perfect, right?). The way I stacked was.. cupcake liner, 3" tissue, cupcake liner, 3" tissue, 2.5" tissue. We are basically making a small pom-pom.. I am sure you have seen the pom-poms made with coffee liners? Well I like the mini cupcake liners because they are smaller (who would've guessed?).

 Then you stick a brad through the middle of your "flower", wrap your candy up in the white paper, cut a 3"x7" strip of paper to border your box and tape or glue it all together.. pretty simple..

I ended up using the new "Lucy Bird" collection from Imaginisce for my paper border. I felt it was pink enough for valentines, but not too lovey dovey. I am planning on giving these out to my girls at church on sunday, so I did not want love messages written all over.

well, hopefully this has gotten your creative gears shifting. I had all of the supplies for this craft at home (except for the candy) and this would be really easy to adapt to any candy or gift you are giving!

But... please check back TOMORROW! I am really excited for what is happening.. and I want everyone to see it..

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Andrea said...

OH so cute! Can't wait to see whats next! :)