Tuesday, March 16

our latest and greatest...

 ...small project that has been keeping little miss schmutz and myself occupied the past week. Above is the end result, and, may I say, I am pleased with how it turned out. But, now that you know that this story has a happy ending, those who do not wish to be bored with all the various details may leave...

 This project sprang into a priority as spring began to settle in our little neighborhood. The more abundant sunlight and longer days have been so evident that I feel like I am accomplishing a lot more than I was.

Now, most good mothers would see this surge of energy and put it to good use... such as deep spring cleaning. Oh, no... not me. I did the opposite and decided it was time to make more of a mess with a crafty project.

This was a wonderful mother-daughter project as we were able to do all the shopping, picture picking, sewing, painting, and button sorting together.

My little miss and I first started by going to our local thrift store to pick up some cheap frames, which we then brought home and painted colors to coordinate our home.

 The next part was to pick and print pictures. And then sew these fabulous little yo-yo flowers together (the tutorial can be found here)

 Vintage buttons where located at one of our favorite window-shopping areas near our home, and we ended up with a lot more than we needed.. hmm.. I wonder how that happned?

 I have three different types of flowers on the frames, the big white flower (pattern found here), the yo-yos, and a third flower which was terribly time consuming, and doesn't have a pattern since I just threw it together.

Anyways, I love it, my daughter loves it (even though I think she was a little sad I put all the flowers on the frames and didn't put any in her hair.. that will have to be our next project), but, tell ya the truth, I am not sure my husband is a fan yet - is it too girly? He has a problem with that..

So, I have one wall of my living room almost complete (I have one more frame to fill, but that should be done soon). I am already trying to decide what my next project will be... any suggestions?


Rachel Chick said...

Oh Sara! I absolutely love it!! VERY beautiful! It's a little girly, but not too much. It'll grow on him, I'm sure. Plus, it's so pretty, I wouldn't worry about it. :)

Laura Rollins said...

You have got to be the most ARTISTIC people I. Have. Ever. Known! That's just gorgeous! I'm so impressed!! I think I may just copy the idea ... hehe. But, when you're here over the summer I'm really wanting to get together and make bows for our girls' hair! And maybe some headbands for us! Can't wait!

Amber said...

Oh my gosh! I love it!!!! so so cute!