Wednesday, March 10

we've been busier...

 ...but not very often. We have enjoyed {and are continuing to enjoy} a couple very busy weeks.
Along with the usual craziness that is our lives, we were able to enjoy grandpa schmutz visiting for a week and a half, babysitting two energetic dogs for the weekend, and are currently shuttling our family friend's wonderful teenagers to school in the morning while she is off in australia {sooo... jealous...}. and.. to top it all off.. its finals week next week.

so, what have we learned? -

..we miss our families..

..the key to little miss schmutz liking you is through treats..

..I do not think we will ever own a dog..

..teenage girls are awesome and I can't wait to have one someday.. should never drop below 40 degrees any.. morning.. ever..

..i still got it.. i can still help Jake figure out his homework, even though he had it right in the first place..

..and.. our life is pretty perfect..


Alyssa Lloyd Moon said...

glad to hear you are doing well! busy is better then being idle! can't wait to see you in a few months!

Laura Rollins said...

those are some awesome lessons :D I totally agree with the temperature not dropping below 40*... and about never owning a dog... and about looking forward to having teenage girls.......

yeah, I agree ;)

But, I especially agree about missing you guys! I can't wait for you all to come back out!