Tuesday, April 6

Hello there...

... guess what? spring break is over. sigh. It wasn't long enough {two full weeks, that is} and I'm not even the one who had to go back to school today. I am pretty sure that our student doctor was more excited for the break to be over than he was for it to begin. I guess I should be happy that he enjoys his school.

but, for only taking a week off of designing, I sure have found myself more than a week behind. So, I guess it is up to the late night creativity magic this week. But, my blog was feeling lonely and kept calling out to me... and I also had the urge to scrap my beautiful little miss schmutz' easter fun with my new easter egg hunt collection for DHD.

isn't my little miss getting big? ... but... I sure do love my kiddo... she's the most enjoyable child out there... just ask her parents or grandparents - they're not bias.at.all.

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