Monday, April 19

is it monday?

 ...I still feel like I am on weekend mode. And I really do not want to clean my house.. ugh. right? I dislike mondays for that reason. So, to distract my pity.filled.soul, I decided to scrap up a hybrid with my new "tu es jolie" kit at DHD. The colors on this kit are so vibrant.. I love how they printed. And what makes it even more fun, is that this kit looks gorgeous with black 'n white photos... and I adore b&w... mmm...

This picture was taken over a year ago.. isn't my little miss so sweet...

 well, I guess the crafty project helped with my depressed.because.its.monday.mood... so on to scrubbing some floors and folding some laundry!

but check back tomorrow for some more fun.. fun.. fun..

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