Tuesday, May 4

Here it is...

...midnight and I am just barely feeling like I've gotten anything done. It is just going to be one of those weeks. I am still very disappointed that my camera and computer aren't on speaking terms {who knows why?}. I had been very excited to show you the wonderful craft I had thrown together yesterday.. it is very adorable.. I promise!

But, here I am, forced to share with you the page I made up with the freebie from iNSD {still available for a limited time only! find it here}

I think some of my boo.hoo.i.am.depressed..please.pitty.me.. has come from the fact that my family just left after a wonderful week explore seattle and the coast... don't worry.. i'll get over it.

but, I should stop rambling on.. and get off to bed! But I hope you all had a wonderful iNSD weekend.. I know I picked up some lovely freebies

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Amber said...

Beautiful Sarah. Love the kits! Let's get together!