Monday, May 10

simple and sweet...

I usually find myself ignoring the obvious. I prepare and get ready for the big events in life (birthday, vacation, christmas, etc) that I forget about all the funny little things that happen in my everyday life.

For example... {journalling from the page above}... I bought these glasses for you back at Christmas, but you never had an interest back then. Once it started getting sunny outside, after winter, and Daddy started wearing his sunglasses, you finally realized that they were, indeed, cool.

I've made a not-so-new-years resolution to pay attention to the memories that I am going to want to remember in my life.. and scrapbook them!

credits: my "Dainty" scrapbook line available at DHD
staple... my Hello Facebook Friend Freebie

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Amber said...

I'm joining you on that goal. Can't wait to have you over tomorrow =).