Monday, October 11

It was a quite night.. so I scrapbooked..

(I used my Delight digital scrapbook kit for this page)

Its had been a while since it had been sunny up here in the Northwest. So this past week, while it was sunny almost every afternoon, we were able to take advantage by heading over to our favorite park (which is also, conveniently, located within walking distance of our home).

It had also been a while since I had pulled out my camera and gone with the intent of getting some pictures of my growing wild flower. But, since it was sunny, the pictures didn't turn out as nice as if we had gone on a cold gloomy day.. go figure.. But we were just happy to be outside, in the sun, surrounded by fun-loving cousins!

And.. Since it had been an even longer time since I sat down and actually scrapbooked, and blogged, all in the same setting. I figured it was about time to let everyone know that we are home (safe and sound) and have finally fallen into a very nice routine of life.

its good to be back!

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