Friday, November 12

Holiday Hybrid Card

 So, this is the first year that I am actually going to do holiday cards. Before this year, we have been close enough to all of our family that we always were able to see them all during the holiday break. We've decided this year that we aren't going home for christmas, so one of the perks to staying is that I get to make a bunch of cards! It really is fun, isn't it?

Problem is, is that I will probably make a dozen different styles and never, actually, get them sent out. (hopefully that isn't true!)

But, for this card, I wanted to use my Letters to Santa collection and give it a warm, homemade, vintage spin.

I decided to do two of the classic paper yoyo flowers, except on one I snipped the edges to give it more of a petal look.

I ended up not using the button I had picked out for the vintage story book flower. I just liked it better without a button, and it will make mailing easier. (any one else have problems mailing when it comes to bulky letters?)

I really liked how the papers look as the flowers. I am thinking I might make some slightly bigger ones to hang up on my christmas tree.. give it a nice vintage, nostalgic feel.

For the envelope, I printed on of the labels from my collection and a brown paper bag I had laying around. I really like how it looks, and will probably go shopping for more brown paper bags.

wouldn't it be fun to have this tape to tape up the back of the brown bag envelope? I.want.some.please!

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Amber said...

Wow Sara those are adorable!!!! And I love that picture of your family. So cute!!