Thursday, February 17

Free PS & PSE action...

I found this free Photoshop/Photoshop Elements Action (from MCP Actions) while browsing around facebook today. The only catch, is you have to "like" their page, which isn't a big deal for me since I would like to see more of their product.

So, I thought I would pass on the information to you. I do like actions... they are an easy way to change up your photo without having to go through all the tweaking.

And, so, before you go sign into facebook, follow my link, download the action, install in into ps/pse... I thought I would whip up a photo so you could see the action in, well... action!

first off.. my original photo

my photo + MCP Mini Fusion Action

Align Center
My photo + MCP Mini Fusion Action + turning on the Tone

my photo + MCP Mini Fusion Action + Tone + playing around with the settings.

This is a really fun action because it gives you the ability to play around with all the different layers when it is all done. I would definitely recommend just downloading and playing around with it!


DoggiNo said...

If you're no on facebook or don't want to "like" MCP, you can also get the free action throught the shop on their blog ...

sara_schmutz said...

Oh good to know! Thanks!