Tuesday, August 23

summer time photo morph...

So.. I will have to admit that I have been home from vacation for quite some time now. But I feel like as though I just arrived back yesterday. I have had a hard time getting back into the swing of things... mainly back into the swing of work and designing.

I am trying to kick that bad habit and get some design goodness flowing.. 

And to help, I looked through my vacation pictures to help bring inspiration into my next design project. But, while I was looking I couldn't help notice that while I had adorable pictures of my daughter and nephew running through the sprinklers, I didn't have any of them both looking at me at the same time. 

So I grabbed the two pictures that most resembled each other (and which I liked the best) and decided to morph the two together in Adobe Photoshop CS3...

1. opened both files in photoshop.

2. dragged one photo and placed it directly over the other photograph.
3. I used the Rectangular Marquee Tool and selected the portion of the top photograph that I wanted to be showing.
4. I then added a vector mask to the top layer.

5. I had to rotate my picture (Edit / Free Transform) to match up with the bottom picture.

6. flatten the layers together.
7. selected the Spot Healing Brush Tool and gently clicked down my noticeable edge.

quick tip... it helped to only have small movements with the spot healing brush tool. Zoom in close to your picture so you can see what is going on and resist the urge to quickly swipe away the edges.

Here is my final picture! I played around a little more with the colors... I love the bright yellow the kids were wearing! I am so glad I was able to merge these to pictures. This has become one of my favorite photographs from our trip. It was even the picture my daughter picked out to print out and hang in her bedroom (she loves her cousins!)


libbywilko said...

Love the photoshop tips, need all the help I can get :) Great result!

Sarah C. said...

Wonderful tips! That really is a great photo and so sweet she loves her cousins so much. I understand getting back into it creatively - feel like I hit a lull a few weeks back. Must be summer time! :)

Laura Rollins said...

You are crazy talented! I never would have guessed that the final picture had been tampered with :) Now you have a photo with both kids looking at you! I guess you really can have everything ;) Would you send me a copy of this pic please :)