Wednesday, September 5

am i lucky?

Am i lucky? i am starting to think not. i use to think that i was "fairly" lucky. i would hardly ever run out of gas, and if i did some nice cute police officer would always happen to pull up within a couple of minutes.. i have only ever broken four bones in my body (three were at the same time when i fell on my foot wrong, and the other was just my pinky finger), and i have lead an interestingly dangerous life style.. and i am a tremendously lucky shopper! my sisters love going shopping with me, cause i always get the front row parking and best sales of the year.. so maybe i used all my luck on my shopping habits, because there is one area that i am extremely unlucky in..... and that is vacations!

So it is the second year in a row that we have gone down to mexico and had to evacuate because of a hurricane! this time it wasn't as bad as last year (which was our honeymoon...) but it still put a little damper on things for at least a day of our vacation.

Hopefully, now our luck will change and we will be able to enjoy our next vacation in peace. But my family has asked me to now inform them of our travel plans in advance, so they can make sure to steer clear of us!

The one lucky thing that did happen for us, was the fact that we were robbed our first night in cancun (yeah, i know, we are so lucky?!?) but luckly, for me anyways, jake and i were in the upstairs bedroom, so our camera wasn't stolen. Unluckly for everyone else (who left there cameras out on the ground floor) their cameras were stolen. We had 3 cameras, 1 camcorder and 1 ipod stolen. Which left my camera the only camera left... which meant i had use up my battery on more family pictures than fun pictures..

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The Chicks said...

I'm glad that you've started a blog! We'll just have to convince the rest of the family! It's such a great way to blab and share what's going on. I love it! I also love your picture of the's beautiful!