Thursday, September 20

Breakin' out the Nikon

So this last weekend i got to take my lil sisters out to take pictures. I would love to, someday, go back to school in photography, but thats not going to happen for a year or so... so, for the time being, i just like to pretend i'm a professional with my nikon dslr.

Here are a few of my favorites (out of 130 pics) from the day, after i photoshoped them.

This one (above) was actually the last one i just snapped really fast because i had room for one more picture on my memory card.

My sister Andrea, is such a pretty girl, and an amazing point/ballet, clogging, & jazz dancer... i'm extremely jealous... i couldn't stand on one foot for more than a minute, no less spin and jump on it! Kendra is more like i was, growing up. Quiet a reserved, but a mind full of creative thinking. I can't wait until she grows up a little more to help me with all my crazy creative projects!


Laura Rollins said...

2 words: SUPER CUTE!!!! I love them!!!! Andrea and Kendra are both such beautiful girls and you did a fantastic job capturing that!! I'm super excited for Saturday!! Lol........ Laura :)

The Chicks said...

Very sweet! You do such a fantastic job! I love all of your pictures that you take! I bet you all had a blast! What a genuinely beautiful family you have!

littleann said...

I love all your pictures. they are so great. Chelsie Perry

littleann said...

we all need to get together and do something fun.