Monday, September 17

Weekly Dinner Idea

I love to cook! (when I have time and a clean kitchen, that is) but the most frusturating part about cooking, is... after a long hard hour, or so, of cooking you're food taste worse than a litte ceasars pizza. I absolutely hate bad recipies! so, i've decided to post, about every week or so, a tried-n-true recipies that, not only i approve of, but also has the "extremely-picky-approval" of jake, my adorable husband (he really enjoyed this meal, btw)...

I have a lot of recipies to share, and... since i am a person that gets bored with things very easily... I am always trying new recipies to see if they are good or not!

This dinner has been one of my favorite that I have made. It is an italian dish, but not the normal white/red sauce with noodles and chicken... this dish is an Italian Breaded Pork Chops (which are baked, not grilled... for all those poor people without a grill... like me) and a yummy, and very fattening Caesar Salad (but its salad, you ask?, it has to be healthy... oh no, dear, not this salad... but it does taste good!)

Let me know if you are having a hard time reading these recipies... feel free to print them out. Probably the best way to view them would be to right click on the card and scroll to "Copy" and then you should be able to paste the cards into word, etc.

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Wes Dyer said...

Thanks for sharing the recipes! Yum! They are still a little bit of a challenge to read but I can make it out after I enlarge them. Thanks again! -Amber

The Chicks said...

Just so you know, I love your blog. You make it so beautiful! The recipes are a great idea! We just need to get more people in the family doing blogs...I think they would all love it! Thanks for the encouragement with the kitchen! It was a lot of work, but I love it SO much!