Monday, October 22

Getting ready for Winter

I am a true Arizona girl... through and through... I don't enjoy anything that has to do with cold, except the cute clothes, and sledding. In my perfect world the seasons would be spring, summer, & autumn... the temperature would never fall below 50 degrees and I would never wake up with that wicked frost on my car windows.

Since I do not control the world, I have to learn to live with the cold. So, I make due by enjoying the warm things that only taste good when it is so cold outside, such as - hot chocolate, pie, and (my favorite) soups; which, is sad to say, my husband likes to call "watered-down-food" and will not eat.

But I am a good at nagging and finally got him to try this chicken and dumpling recipie, which I still don't think he likes, but he will tolerate it to make me happy!
now... in my perfect world, my husband would make me a delicious Minestrone soup for dinner; but, since this is not a perfect world and my husband won't eat soup, despises tomatoes and doesn't enjoy cooking... this dream will never happen.
Until then I am on the search for a perfect Minestrone soup since I have been craving it for months. Any good recipies, send them this way!

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Wes Dyer said...

I love your posts! I do not have a recipe but thanks for sharing yours. Who knows MAYBE some day Jake will surprise you and make you a soup =).