Monday, October 15

A Quiet Sunday Afternoon

So I have been thinking a lot about the talk in General Conference about our activities being "Good" "Better" or "Best"... and I've decided that a lot of the time my after work activities are only "Good" if not down right lazy and fatting... So I have decided to change, just a little at a time, but hopefully it will make my life more enjoyable!

Our first change was yesterday... usually on sunday we sit around and talk, read, watch tv or eat.. which is "good" by all means... you're suppose to relax on the Sabbath, Jake always enjoys taking a break from homework and I always enjoy his company... but it isn't "Best"

So to make our Sunday "Best" we ended up enjoy the few more weeks of fall that are left by driving up to beautiful Sundance and Bridal Veil Falls (and this time, I brought my camera!!!) it was more gorgeous than I thought it would be!

In the past, my roomies and I would go up to Sundance on a random sunday and just walk around... it is always so pretty, but this time was my first time going up in the fall... and I am beginning the believe that fall is the prettiest season of them all!


Laura Rollins said...

I love the pictures you took... but you really don't have a good close up of you yet!!! (well, you have the one of you and Jake at the beach...) but you should do another one!!!! I want to see you and Jake in the pics (I'm starting to sound like mom!!! Lol)

Laura :)

Laura Rollins said...

And I LOVE your Aristole quote!!! That's so cool!

Laura :)

Wes Dyer said...

Ahh...So beautiful! I am glad you were able to enjoy a nice sunday afternoon enjoying this gorgeous world.

The Chicks said...

Beautiful pictures, Sara! I'm so glad that you and Jake have one another and enjoy one another so much! Too often it seems like people don't enjoy their spouse (their best friend) enough and just get too caught up in complaining about stupid things that don't even matter at all! I'm so glad that you two just love each other so much and take time to have fun together!

Megan and Luke said...


This was one of my favorite talks of General Conference. I need to heed this advice as well! Beautiful pictures, hope to see you soon!