Monday, November 12

...a walk around the zoo, just with me & you...

So i've decided that life must be much more interesting when you have kids. People that blog constantly about the cute things their kids do must have the camera glued to their hands. But, until the day comes that I am running around, trying to take pictures before getting mad at the kids for the messes that they make, i have to do other things to entertain myself... especially on weekends.

so this last saturday we went to the hogle zoo in salt lake city! it was a gorgeous day and almost all the animals were out and about.
we actually decided to go because jake had a school assignment where he had to identify three animal species. At first, i can say, i wasn't thrilled about going.. since i hate how zoo's always stink.. and i was planning on organizing our office (and for those who have seen our office, you know what i'm talkin about)

but the day ended up being so beautiful.. and the zoo actually didn't stink as bad as i remembered.. that i am so greatful that we ended up going. I love these crazy last-minute plans of ours, they always end up being the most memorable!

When i saw this wall, i knew i had to take pictures! of course, this is what made me think that it would've been more fun if i had kids... but kids or no kids, my cute husband and his cousin substituted marvously.

of course i had to try it out too... and jake wanted a monkey face... so thats the best its gonna get!

and now, to end i would like to quote a favorite person of mine...

"Life is like a box of chocolates.
You never know what you're gonna get..."
-forrest gump


The Chicks said...

Oh! Jake DOES have monkey arms! I KNEW it! These pictures are beautiful! I love it!

Laura Rollins said...

How fun! Those are awesome pictures! Maybe next time Aaron and I will be able to go with you guys :)

Amber said...

Ha! The picture of Jake is hilarious!! Man, you are an awesome photographer. Gorgeous pictures!!
Have fun out at the farm with all the family. I wish I could be there!!
Have a wonderfully full Thanksgiving!!