Saturday, November 24

Family Traditions

I've always been one for family traditions. There is the "open-one-present-and-only-one-present-on-christmas-eve" tradition; or the "coloring-the-easter-eggs" tradition. Family traditions are always fun memorable experiences that makes you grateful for pictures and your own, even if short, memory.

So this past Thanksgiving week, my husband and I headed out to the farm for his family's Thanksgiving. Even though this probably isn't even considered a "tradition" for most people, and probably not even for most of the Merkley family... but my husband and I love how we always end up playing games out at the farm!

We always play a huge variety of games and it seems like there is always a game going on somewhere in the house. This past week, though, it seems that "Settlers of Catan" & "Risk" were the two favorites. Now those two games aren't, by far, my favorite. I'm the type of gal that likes to get games moving and always changing (aka... card games!). So I didn't sit in for many of the games played this weekend based on the fact that I knew, once the game was half way done, I would get bored and wander off wanting to do something new (like take a picture of the game... haha).

...Just if everyone was wondering if these were the only pictures I had taken during Thanksgiving week, they're not. But those will have to come on another post!

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Amber said...

I love that our entire family LOVES playing games!! I was sad we did not make it out to the farm this year. We missed family this Thanksgiving ALOT!