Thursday, January 3

Moving Forward

Moving Forward.

That is my theme for 2008. Now anyone that knows me, even just a little, knows that I love themes. I feel like themes help me keep my goals in reach.

Moving Forward might seem like a little bit of an odd theme for the beginning of a new year. But this is the year that I am planning some big plans (1st baby, for starters) and I really needed to jumpstart myself. And what better way to do that then to make some New Years Resolutions!

Now I usually keep my resolutions tight-lipped; the reason for this, is because I am very embarrassed if I am to fail in anything I do, almost to a fault. I hate to think that I am competitive, but I am, very much so.

So, you might be wondering what these "resolution" might entail. But I am sorry, I will not share! The only hint that I will give is that I am finally pushing myself back into designing. I love designing and creating weird art pieces (like my themed based pictures on this blog), but after working 40hrs a wk (which I wished had me designing more, but does not), cooking dinner almost every night and cleaning our little house, I am usually to tired to rack my brain for creative thoughts.

But today is the day for change! It is time that I start Moving Forward.


Amber said...

I can't wait to see your "creative thoughts". You are extremly talented.

MoonChick said...

You're obviously talented at what you do, Sara. I often call Nels in to look through your blog pictures with me! I'm glad that you're keeping your talents sharp! There is such satisfaction in doing things that you love...even though it always comes with a price. I hope that even as you have a new baby come into your lives and life changes so much throughout the coming years, you'll keep doing those things that you love. You obviously are very gifted at seeing and making beautiful things!