Thursday, December 20

Suger & Spice... and Everything Nice...

For Christmas every year, my parents by each child an ornament that signifies something that has happened that year for the child (example: when I was in high school I got a lot of "shopping" type of ornaments since that was my
Well, this year, since I am married and not really "a kid" at home anymore, my parents had actually told me last year that I would not be getting an ornament this year. Well that all changed a few weeks before Thanksgiving... and this is the ornament we ended up getting...
I'm pretty sure almost everyone knows now, but I'M PREGNANT! So the "Grandpa & Grandma to be" couldn't help but pick up this adorable ornament, and are even more excited about buying their grandkids ornaments next year! We are so excited!

Right now, I am 13 & 1/2 wks along, and feeling fine. I haven't hardly been sick at all, which is great, because there is no way I would be able to not work! I got a student to feed :)

Jake is sure that we are going to have a little boy, and I think i've fallen into believing him. So we shall see! I will be sure to post as soon as we have the ultrasound! We figure my due date is June 29th, give or take, of course. So I'm just happy its not going to be dead of summer baby, or cold winter! I'm happy with June and even happier that its going to be this June! I am sure Jake is going to be the best Dad ever, and I will try to be a great Mom!

Suger, Spice & Everything Nice... that is what girls are made of and what girls are made to do! My sisters and I proved this on wednesday as we got together for our annual "make-christmas-candy-for-those-we-really-care-about" (and if you don't end up getting any, its not because I don't really care about you, because I do!).

But this is one of my favorite days during the Christmas Season! We all gather around during the day, while the men are out making money... or taking finals, and just candy-make until night. And this year we made a lot of candy!

I won't talk too much, since I have a lot of pictures and I don't want people to think that I am an insane blogger with insanely big posts. But what made this candy making even more fun was that my sister, Laura, had her ultrasound just that morning! So I got to find out that I will be having a nephew in May (Taylor Keith Rollins)!!!
These are my sisters Laura and Andrea preparing our Peanut Butter Fudge for dipping! Laura is the one in the red shirt and she is 4 & 1/2 wks ahead of me in her pregnancy!

We made a lot of different types of candy! A little something for everyone! Our traditional favorites are Peanut Butter fudge (above, before dipped), Coconut filled (a few pics above, before dipped) Chocolate fudge (which is what Laura is drizzling below), Toffee, Peppermint Chocolate, Turtles, Chocolate Dipped Oreos (perfect for small kids), & Chocolate dipped Pretzels!

And just as children anxiously await the arrival of Santa on Christmas Eve Night, the men in our household anxiously await the candy to be done!
Here is my little bro Nathan, playing chess in the kitchen, waiting for some sort of candy to be done, or a truffle that might not turn out correctly (those he can eat right away).
And after a long day of chatting, cooking, listening to christmas music, and (in my case) taking pictures, we are done! And it looks amazing!

Now I brought home two very full plates of these amazingly good goodies, with the intentions of separating them on to separate plates and boxes and handing them out to home teachers, visiting teachers, coworkers & neighbors... but I get the feeling that Jake isn't too keen on that idea. And by the way he was eating the candy last night and this morning, I hope I will have enough for even a few people tonight! So I might end up cooking some more goodies again tonight! But, really, who can blame him? They are all very delicious!

But I am so grateful for such a wonderful family! It is always so much fun to come up to West Jordan and hang out with them! Here I am with my sisters (and yes, you can see my bellie) but in the picture we are missing my youngest sister, Kendra, who was out at mutal activity at the time. But in the picture there is Andrea, My Mom, Laura and I! And the picture is taken by my sweet 9 year old little brother, Nathan, who loves cameras and taking pictures and will take your picture whenever you want! I have such a wonderful family who has wonderful traditions! I love it!


littleann said...

Ok I am dead serious that we need to hang out and cook. it sounds like you love it as much as i do. You are so great. I love you to death.

Amber said...

Congratulations again!! I am so excited for you. You guys make the cutest couple and will be wonderful parents!!!
Wow! Those Candies look delicious!