Wednesday, January 16

New Business Card

Here is a new design I did for my business card. I did intentionally make the background grey. This helps my name jump out on the front. The whole reason for making these cards is because I do custom wedding invitations on my off-hours at home.

I have procrastinated to no end about getting this on-the-side business out into the know, but its been nagging me ever since christmas ended, so i've been looking into wedding shows and other business opportunities! its actually got me pretty excited so far! so I will keep you updated on the progress! (I also do custom party invitations, graduation announcements, etc... just about anything you can do with paper)

And I just love the Tiffany blue (obviously, look at my header, etc) that I have been seeing pop up around every corner! Its such a usable color in just about every shade! Another color I would like to see come around full circle... purple!


Laura Rollins said...

You have so much talent! I love the new buisness card and new blog header! I hope your business gets going strong soon... that would be so much fun. And we really should go shopping again sometime - i think i've added another inch or two around my waist since last i saw you. No joke! I've been growing really fast lately! Lol

Megan and Luke said...

You are so talented!! I would actually like to talk you sometime soon about taking some family pictures for me... is that something you do as well? Hope you are feeling good!