Wednesday, January 23

We're having a GIRL!!!

its true! We're adding another Schmutz girl to the clan! We had our ultrasound done on monday, and everyone (grandmas included) thought that is was going to be a boy... but she's a girl! We actually had a radiologist for the first half of the ultrasound and then a doctor came in to finish the rest up; so we couldn't resist asking him to check the gender again without telling him what the radiologist had found... but he said it was a girl too! so i am pretty confident it is a girl!

so after I found out it was a girl I just had to go "family-clothes-shopping". It was so much fun to pick out clothes for my husband and my little girl! There aren't a whole lot of spring/summer dresses out yet, but I did pick up a few that I found, and also a fall outfit which is a few months bigger.

I had way too much fun and am so excited to have a real family! Jake would always say that we weren't a "family" when it was just the two of us, we were just a "couple". I guess, in a way, that is true, but now there is no excuse because we are going to be a family!


Laura Rollins said...

I'M SO EXCITED FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I couldn't be more happy!!! I'm just thrilled!! Lol, I'm tickled pink!

Amber said...

Yeah!! Girls are so incredibly fun to dress up! Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!

MoonChick said...

Hooray! I'm so excited! Girls are wonderful! How exciting for the boy who grew up with only brothers!

Life for the Pillings said...

Congratulations to you both!! Girls are a lot of fun! That is funny, like Rachel said, that you two and both Dan and Ann are having/had girls when both Dads grew up with only brothers. They are in for a learning experience. Congrats!!!

Megan and Luke said...

Congrats! She is going to be so beautiful! I am so excited for you! It is such a good plan to shop the sales now! Have fun!