Friday, March 21

dancing hands logo design

My dear friend, and long time hair dresser, Krista, recently asked me about doing a logo design for her company "dancing hands". Krista is quiet the dancer, so I wasn't surprised with the unique company name.

But this project feels like it has taken me forever to come up with a logo design that incorporates the name as well as the business (hair stylist, if you hadn't caught on by now). This last logo that I have come up with, I like sorta. It just doesn't feel finished to me; but, since I've worked with quiet a few business owners and know how they work, the final say isn't up to me anyways! So I'll just send this over to Krista to see what she thinks... though, I am thinking that it might be a little too modern for her.

I would say, the hardest part about designing a logo, brochure, etc (for me, anyways) is reading the style of your client. I like things very different and unique. I feel your business wants to stand out from the crowd, grab a little ninch in the market, etc. But I find, more often than not, especially with small business owners... they want their business card, flyer, etc, to look like the competitions. I think this makes the owners feel more at ease with the design; more of a sure safe way. They don't like to take a chance and end up failing.

Which, makes it harder for me to design, since I do like to make my projects bold, new and exciting. But, live and learn.


Rachel Chick said...

Oh, Sara! I love it! It looks so nice! -- Nels has come across much the same difficulties that you've expressed. I think it's probably the curse of the marketing trade. The problem is, that people don't really know what they want. Often he or another of the designers will come up with some great ideas, present them to the client, and they'll say, no, I want (such and such). They'll try to explain that it probably won't be as effective, but the client will say, "No. Just do what I said." OKAY. They'll later come back and say, "Oh. That doesn't look very good." RIGHT! People don't know what's good for them. I hope that this friend of yours likes your design. I think it looks fabulous and REALLY creative. Keep up the good work! You are a beautiful designer! How's little baby cooking?

Laura Rollins said...

I don't know much about marketing or anything - but I love it! I think it's very stunning! I hope your friend likes it - I do!!!

Amber said...

I love it!! Very Classy and Fresh! Great Job!

dragonflydreamer said...

This logo is absolutely perfect! I love the scissors! It is simple and classy at the same time. I found your blog through blog hopping on the PC Layers designer's blogs. I just had to leave a comment when I saw your logo. My Mother was a hairstylist and manager and I've spent enough time looking at logos and you are really good.

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