Thursday, March 20

a girl's afternoon... idea!

So, I have been feeling really secluded down here in provo. I have some cousins and friends down here, but most are single and extremely busy, which makes us a "boring married couple" to hang out with. But there are so many people I want to hang out with, mostly in salt lake, but it never seems like i find a good weekend where i have nothing to do so i can plan a party.

... this dilemma has been bouncing around in my head for a few weeks now... can you tell?

so... *lightbulb*... it wasn't until I was out shopping with my sis-in-law, andrea, that she gave me a great idea. She was talking about how when her mom was a new mother, she would get together with her friends every friday and have a tea party. Well this made me extremely jealous because it sounded like too much fun! So I thought, "hey, why can't i do that as well?"

Now, I can't be running off once a week to relax... heaven forbid i have that much time on my hands... but I do think that it would be a great idea if we all (aka. anyone who wants to join in on the fun) pick a weekday afternoon that works well for us (tues or thurs work best for me!) and once a month we all can get together at a meeting place, (such as a park, small cafe, etc) or at someones home! We can switch off locations since some of us are up north and some of us are way down south (provo...)

This is just an idea, no one has to feel obligated to join in, or even to come every month; just whenever is easy. I just thought it would be a fun relaxing way to hang out with all the girls in the family! Everyone who wants to come in invited (including babies! I will try to find spots to go that are baby-friendly) and i'd like to keep it around the same time every month (such as 2 o'clock on the second tues of every month)

anyhoo... leave comments and let me know if this is a keeper or if i should stratch the whole idea! But I always have so much fun hanging out with all my family, and I wish I could do it more!


littleann said...

I really love the idea. lets do it. I would love to get to know you guys more. And I love my famly.

Alyssa Moon said...

sounds great! tues and thurs work for me too! :) let me know when. you are totally right about people being single in your area and "boring married couples" it is the same way up here too! ... at least for me. ;)