Saturday, April 26

Sweet Sixteen

So a funny and wonderful thing happened to me on my fifth birthday... my little sister, Andrea, was born! I remember that birthday really well because I got a huge surprise birthday party, thrown by our best friends, while my mom was in the hospital.

Well, ever since then, we have always shared a birthday, obviously, which is a fun thing in and of its self. As I said earlier, this past tues was my birthday, so it was also my little sisters... and she turned 16!

We have been talking to Andrea for months about what she would like to do for her special birthday. She has had such a hard time deciding, like any typical sixteen year old girl, what would be fun. But, in a lucky turn of events, Andrea had an extra birthday present the week before her birthday, and got her braces taken off! It was such a perfect turn of events, that we decided that it would be fun to have Andrea go get her hair styled and highlighted and buy a new clothes (what isn't more fun? besides, she had her first date lined up for that saturday anyways). After that we gathered her closest friends, had make-overs, and went out to get pictures taken. I had so much fun taking the pictures, and I hope they had as much fun posing for me! We ate up my 2gig (300 pics) card faster than we wanted, and ended up having to go home before we were ready to.

But girls at that age, especially with their best friends, are so fun and willing to try anything and any pose I would throw at them. I love the pics we got and hope Andrea had the best sixteenth birthday ever!

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