Friday, May 2

Camera... Lights... "Actions!"

So I have reinvested in my love of photography. It is probably because it has finally started to feel like spring again and I want to spend all my free moments outdoors.

But part of the new found love in photography is the discovery of photoshop "actions". Actions are, basically, a preprogrammed sequence of photo tweaking that, with a push of the button, photoshop will run... and... voila! your picture is amazing!

now, in these pictures, I didn't just stop with the action... I ended up tweaking them all myself afterwards. But it was a lot more simple than it would've been otherwise, and I am so happy with the results!

I love the bright colors and all the details I am able to emphasize with my photos! As you can see, my originals are usually not the ones I post on my blog anyways. And, I cannot tell you how happy I was when I ran across another photographer-lover who also posted her pre-action and post-action photos... they looked just like my originals! (dull and a little life-less)

So... if ever you feel like your photograph isn't all that, don't believe it for a second! I really don't like it when people feel inadequate with themselves... we are all so special and have our own unique talents and personalities. I am really not a good photographer, I am just someone who has jumped off the safety branch and has tried something new.

So... for everyone out there that thinks "oh i wish i could do that!"... guess what... you can! just do it! (and having photoshop doesn't hurt with the whole photography bit)

oh... i should point out that all the pictures are "before photoshop" & "after photoshop" pictures... hehe


Laura Rollins said...

technology rocks! lol. but with or without good ol' photoshop you still take awesome picstures :) man.... maybe someday I'll have to get photoshop myself, though; what you did with those pics is so cool!

Rachel Chick said...

OOOooo! Sara, I love them! I particularly like the top one! Such nice pictures ---- and just so you know, (and this is a quote from my mom) you can't polish a turd. ha ha! I can't believe I just typed turd - weird. Anyway. You can't make something out of nothing --- even in Photoshop! You're pictures are beautiful to begin with, BUT photoshop sure is fantastic, isn't it!?

Amber said...

Wow! They look incredible! Do you have any books that you recommend for a newbie?