Thursday, May 22

So its been a while...

I am so sorry! It has been quite a while since I have posted last, and that is due to the fact that when I am even able to get on our computer (my desktop doesn't have a wireless card, or cs3... both of which we need to work out. But that only leaves the laptop for internet browsing) so when I am able to pry the laptop from jake's fingers, I am usually head over heels with projects that need to be done.So please know that I am indeed very sorry for being such a slacker! Its not that there aren't pictures that I have been wanting to put up. So hopefully someday I will be able to catch up.

But for now, I am just dropping by to say hi and that i haven't had the baby (thats a very good reason not to update my blog, but not my reason). But here are just a few pictures from mother's day with my family... my lil brothers are hilarious. I don't think any little boys enjoy smores more than they do!

Well I hope everyone has had a marvelous mother's day and will have a joyful and safe memorial weekend! I know jake is looking forward to spending a couple of good relaxing days fishing... so we'll see how our weekend goes, because I am not sure how spending an entire day in a fishing boat is relaxing when you are eight months pregnant.

Have a great one!

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Laura Rollins said...

It's good to finally see some new pictures up! Lol :) I really like those of Daniel.

Btw, have fun this weekend... looks like I won't be the one bailing you out of going... sorry about that, I would have had this baby by now if it was totally up to me! :) But, have fun out on the lake anyways!