Saturday, June 7

Its a Boy!!

Nope, I haven't popped yet... and we are still planning on having a girl... but my sister had her little baby boy! He arrived into the Rollin's family on May 27th, almost a week after he's due date. We are so happy he is here and we all love to go see and hold him... he is such a sweet baby, which is a good thing since he gave my sister such a hard time while pregnant.

I went over today to take pictures, and we got so many cute ones that I was having a hard time deciding which ones to blog about, until I realized that I probably should let laura have the fun of putting up these pictures first (since they are of her family) so I will resist and just post my favorite of my beautiful sister and her cute new little Taylor Keith...

Isn't he adorable! He loved all the noises and lights the camera made, so it was so easy to get him to look at the camera! I can't believe he is only a week old... he's already got such a sweet personality!


Ashley Pedersen said...

Oh how cute!!! I want to see more I need her email or have her add me or something! PLEASE :)

littleann said...

He is so cute. I can't wait for you guys to have your little girl. She will be so beautiful