Tuesday, June 17

5 days and counting...

I only have five more days until my due date! I know that doesn't mean that we know any better about when little miss ashlyn will show up, but it is a date that I have been waiting for for quiet some time. It is really weird to think that at any time, any day... but in the near future... our little family is going to change.

But I just thought I'd let everyone know that we're still sitting around provo, waiting.

I will let everyone know, as soon as I can, when ashlyn finally decides to come! Thanks for all the support and all the wonderful advice!


Amber said...

Oh, I do hope she makes her debut SOON!!

littleann said...

I am so excited that you have had her. i can't wait to see her. i am sure with her parents she is beautiful. I hope you are doing great. if you need help let me know.