Monday, September 15

Buying a Pop Encounter

For my English class I had to buy a pop for someone that I didn't know, and write about the experience. So, today I decided when I was at the vending machine to ask a guy next to me if he wanted a pop. He said that he wanted a barqs rootbeer. I said "okay," and pulled out a dollar form my wallet and tried to put the dollar bill into the slot for the bills, and it wouldn't go in. I tried and tried and it didn't want my dollar. I guess that the machine didn't want me to buy this guy a drink. I guess that he didn't deserve such a delicious treat from me. He eventually said, " Forget about it man; it doesn't matter if i get a drink." So, I decided to not buy him a drink. That crazy vending machine saved me a buck. Yes!!!!!!!!!!



*sara* said...

haha... nice story hun... i'm so glad you were so excited to save a buck :D

Perry's said...

It is so nice to save a buck. Great blog Jake

Anonymous said...
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