Wednesday, September 10

what a cute kiddo...

I went and took some pictures of my 3 month old little nephew! Isn't he so cute! I can't believe how fast the time is going... summer is over... can you believe it?

anyways, poor little boy was so tired... he hadn't had a nap all day... but he was patient enough to let us get some good pictures... hopefully we can get some more soon.

He is really such a cute kid, and I see so much of his dad in him... i'm so excited to watch him grow up!


Laura Rollins said...

Wow! You've totally changed your blog! I really like it! where did you get that about being a shinning star? That's beautiful! I love it! You need to show me how you do your blog... I've been wanting to change mine up for a while now.

Anonymous said...
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