Monday, October 27

Family Pictures

We got family pictures taken on saturday! I love taking pictures, but it is so much easier to get a family picture when someone else is holding the camera :D I really enjoyed being on the other side of the lens for once.

I love fall and all the brilliant colors associated with the season. So it wasn't until a few weeks ago that I realized my favorite season was going to be over sooner than I wanted, and it would be a crying shame not to have family pictures taken in the beautiful autumn colors.

So we decided to head over to Riverwoods shopping center to get our photos done. I highly recommend the place since the shops are just as cute as can be!

I love this one of the little princess! We had such a hard time getting her to look at the camera, but this one turned out priceless! She really does like to stand up, and, in this picture, it looks as if she is about ready to take off running.

One of the reasons for getting someone to take our picture was so that I could get some fun ones of just Ashlyn and I. I have a ton of Jake and her playing, walking, eating, etc. But I hardly have any of mother-daughter. So I was so excited when I saw this picture because {I.LOVE.IT}

And then... what couple wouldn't love just getting a few pictures of just the two of them. Getting to act all modelish and such! I'm not sure Jake enjoyed it as much as I did, but when we're old at least we have some pictures to look back at and remember.

Well I hope you enjoyed looking at the pictures as much as I did! Hopefully I won't wait so long before I get family pictures again. :D


Perry's said...

I love the pictures. you have a beautiful family. I love the first one of just you and Jake.

*sara* said...

These pictures are absolutely marvelous. You are such a beautiful women with your baby!

-your hubby

Laura Rollins said...

Those are ADORABLE!!! What precious pictures of a precious family!!!!!!! (I'm way jealous!) Who did you have take them? Where is the place you went?? Maybe we'll do our 6 month pics there.. it looks gorgeous!

Alyssa Moon said...

very cute pictures sara! :)

Kelly said...

You guys look like you should be in a magazine! Where were those taken?