Thursday, October 23

The feeding of my Little Girl

Well, on tuesday I decided that it was time for Ashlyn to get some real food to eat, because she always looks so interested when I am eating. I just knew that she would love to eat something different than milk. That's gotta be so boring. I also thought that it would be a lot of fun to feed her. The movies just make it seem like so much fun. Well, the movies were right for once; it was a blast. It was just so funny to watch her get so excited to eat the cereal. I don't think she liked it that much. She just wanted to be a big girl, and eat like Mom and Dad. We also got some sweet video and pictures of the event. One of the pictures that we took, we should sell to gerber and make some big bucks. Too bad Sara didn't put that one up.



*sara* said...

you and your big bucks... lol. Well I am glad you thought it was a lot of fun to feed the little one. We should do it again soon ;D

Perry's said...

you're a great dad. Great job