Thursday, October 30

Funny Ashlyn

Just this week Ashlyn has started doing something really funny when you put your arm up to her mouth. Whenever you do this she blows on it to make noises. She must have gotten this from me, because I give her tummy loves all the time. She did it one day while I was at school and Sara was at home with Ashlyn. When I got home Sara told me what Ashlyn had done and had me watch Ashlyn do it. It was way funny. I have her do it all the time, and she just loves it. Today I was holding Ashlyn and letting her stand on my stomach and she was doing a really good job, so I decided to let her stand by herself next to something, and she was able to it. I was amazed that she could already do that. It's always a lot of fun to see your kid grow up and learn new things. I swear that she is looking different and doing different things every day.



*sara* said...

Funny Honey! haha... Ashlyn really has a funny sense of humor... she likes to do things she knows are funny.. lol. But, way to go little girl, for standing up! I love you two!!!

Perry's said...

I can't believe I have never seen her before. I want to so bad. I am sorry we were not able to come to the Carmel apples. I totally spaced it. I feel so bad. Ashlyn is cute.