Sunday, November 2

Ashlyn's First Time Trick or Treating

Well, like all of us should have known, Halloween was last Friday. For this reason Sara's work had a Halloween party where all the workers could take their kids trick or treating at work. So, I was able to go meet my wife at work and take Ashlyn to all the booths to get candy from Sara's co-workers. Ashlyn had a lot of fun picking the candy out. She's pretty good at it, because she chose many of the good ones. She dressed up as a ballet dancing pumpkin. She was pretty dang cute! Well, from this experience, I was able to get a lot of candy to eat, which I ate on the ride home. Don't worry, I left a few for my wife to eat also.


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*sara* said...

Your daughter was the cutest pumpkin/ballerina I have ever seen! well... she is the ONLY pumpkin/ballerina I have ever seen... but she was pretty dang cute on friday!!!